Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Macros 5/16/16

Monday Macros

Weight = 148. Weight gain/loss this period = 1 lb. Total weight loss = 103 lbs. Macros for the week = Carb/Fat/Prot - 22/56/22%. Daily avg cals = 2709. Body Fat = 10.5%.

I'm glad that I purchased that bodyfat meter. Gaining weight is scary.  I ended up in the ICU last Feb due to a UTI gone crazy.  I lost a lot of weight over two weeks and am working on regaining the muscle.  Using the Omron Body Fat meter helps me ensure that I am gaining the weight I want to, and not regaining body fat.  

Cals were spot on and macros were very good this week. Even with taking the extra prebiotics my carbs averaged 146 gr/day.  

You might be thinking that a calorie goal of 27 to 2800 cals/day is a bit much, but I am doing kettlebell workouts pretty much every day.  Also, limiting carbs to 150 gr/day should help prevent unwanted fat gain.

Seems to be working so far :)

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