Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday Macros 6/27/16

Monday Macros

Weight = 152. Weight gain this period = 2 lb. Total weight loss = 99 lbs. Macros for the week = Carb/Fat/Prot - 19/56/24%. Daily avg cals = 2320. Body Fat = 11.4%

I'm back to where I was at before I went back into the hospital in February. I've recovered my strength and am progressing towards reaching my S&S goals. Swinging the 32 kg kettlebell is a big step and already making a difference.  I can't wait to be doing all 10 sets with the 32 kg 'bell.

One lifestyle change that comes with a set of new lungs is having to ensure that all of your proteins are cooked thru.  No more rare steak or raw oysters and the like.  It's that whole compromised immune system thing.

I saw a really nice NY Strip at the meat counter yesterday so I asked the butcher to slice me off a couple 3/8" or so slices. That still left a nice 1" thick steak to cook for my Sweetie and granddaughter tonight. I grilled one of the thin steaks just enough to be cooked thru (make my Team happy), and it turned out pretty juicy. I'll pan fry the other one up for breakfast tomorrow. I was getting tired of skirt and flank steak, Carne Asada is still decent when cooked thru.

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