Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Routine Dental Checkup

Am I the only one who makes sure their teeth are super clean before going to the dentist for a routine cleaning? Yeah, I didn't think so.

I went for my routine cleaning and to have a filling that was coming out replaced yesterday. It took awhile for me to find a dentist that I liked, and I am very happy that I took the time to do so.  Dr. Marchbanks and his team are pretty great. They all took the time to learn about my special needs as a transplant recipient and communicate with my Transplant Team when necessary.

What special needs would a lung transplant recipient have at a dentist office?

Since our immune systems are compromised by the anti-rejection medications, hygiene and infection control are even more important than usual. We also have to take prophylactic antibiotics prior to any dental procedure. It is kind of reassuring when the hygienist asks if you have taken your antibiotics before she starts work.

Dental hygiene is very important for a transplant recipient. An infected tooth can send you to the hospital just as easily as any other infection. So take care to keep you mouth healthy. Brush, floss, use a water pic, and stay away from tooth picks. Simple routines that do much more than just prevent cavities, they help keep you out of the hospital.

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