Thursday, September 29, 2016

Kettlebell Update

I haven't written anything about kettlebells in quite awhile. Time to remedy that.

These are the 'bells I use for most of my movements. 16, 24 and 32 kg.  Kettlebell swings and goblet squats form the base of my routine. I cycle presses, dead lifts and other movements in to include more muscle groups in my workouts.

I have to tell you, one hand swinging the 32 kg kettlebell feels pretty awesome.

I'm getting the strength part down.  I can goblet squat, with good form, the 24 kg 'bell for reps and one hand swing 32 kg.  I still have a ways to go on the endurance front though.

Every once in awhile I do a set of continuous swings with the 16 kg 'bell.  Today was the day for this cycle.  I first did 24 kg goblet squats and 16 kg halos.  Recovered and started swinging.  I do this one handed, switching hands at the top of the swing every ten swings.  Today I did 65 swings before I ran out of air.  I do these hardstyle, at about 80% power exertion.  I just plain run out of air.  My form is still good and I still have the strength, just run out of air to keep going.  I need to work on this if I want to kick rear doing kettlebell snatches.

If you've read my past kettlebell posts, you might have noticed that I have not mentioned Turkish Get Ups.  We replaced our '70's era wood floors recently and I've moved my kettlebells out to the garage.  I haven't cleared out a spot to lay down some mats to do my get ups yet.  This post should get me after it.  Get Ups are a very important part of Simple and Sinister and I actually feel graceful when I do them.  

One interesting thing I've noticed.  On continous swings days, my evening blood pressure usually runs lower than normal.  Tonight is 95/58.

Like my MedX coffee cup? Rapidly becoming one of my favorites.

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