Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Announcing a New Affiliate Partner - Rogue Fitness

I am very happy to announce that Rogue Fitness has approved The Primal Transplant as an affiliate site.

I really enjoy my Rogue Fitness kettlebells.  The texture on the handle is perfect for me.  I prefer to not use chalk, the less dust in my new lungs the better, and the texture is perfect for dynamic and static lifts.  The quality of the kettlebells themselves is also spot on.  There is no flashing (casting marks) on the handles or the body of the 'bells.  The bottoms are flat so the kettlebells are stable when on the floor, and the finish is very tough.

I also own Rogue Fitness exercise bands that have withstood the heat of a Texas Summer and the freezing temperatures of our Winters.

Price, quality and customer service. Rogue Fitness has them all.

Shop Now Rogue Fitness

Now that I've got this post up, it's time to go swing some 'bells :)

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