Thursday, June 8, 2017


 Acceptance is not defeat. 

Acceptance is the bedrock anchoring the roots of resilience.

A lung transplant is not the 'cure' for any disease. One of these days, a complication of my transplant or medications is going to take my life. I accept that fact. I also understand that I would have died two years ago if not for the precious gift of my new lungs.

Accepting my likely fate is not the same as giving in, or surrendering to, it. Acceptance has allowed me to stay strong during the setbacks. Acceptance has made me resilient and strong.  

Accepting the fact that I would likely have to deal with a chronic rejection, has given me the ability to fight this issue and keep moving forward no matter what my immune system is doing to me lungs.

My lung function has been stable for over a week, a small victory worth celebrating.

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