Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Less Tooth

I had a root canal done on the lower, right side, first molar (Tooth #30) several years ago.  This past November that same tooth got very painfully infected.  My dentist prescribed an antibiotic and recommended that I have the tooth pulled and maybe get an implant or bridge.  The Transplant Team concurred that I needed it pulled, but recommended against the implant or bridge.  They always look towards the path of least infection potential.

The antibiotics did their job and stopped the painful, active infection.  The pain went away, it was the holidays, and who wants a tooth pulled?  So I put it off until after the holidays.  Well, today was the day.

When you are on immunosuppressants, even a routine visit to the dentist requires a dose of prophylactic antibiotics.  So I took my meds and had the tooth pulled.  The Dr. spent a lot of time making sure the scrapped/ground out all of the infected material after he got the tooth out.  Now I have to run through a full cycle of antibiotics.  My poor gut bugs just can't catch a break.

They technology they have today is pretty impressive.  The X-Ray machine at the orthodontist was like a small CT scanner and took a great image of my teeth and jaws in one shot.

My meds slow down healing, and my bone broth and following the Primal Blueprint speeds it up.  It will be interesting to see just how long this will take to heal.


  1. Gratz on doing what needed done! NM

  2. Thanks Sue, I resisted it as long as I could. Now it's one less thing I have to worry about.