Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It's That Time of Year

Yep, the scariest time of year for folks living with IPF, and lung transplants, is just around the corner. Of course I'm taking about the cold and flu season.

Pre-transplant, when the head of my transplant team was talking about how important it was that I avoid infection, he said "Your next flu will likely be your last".  He explained how easily the flu could progress into pneumonia or another bacterial infection.  Since my lungs were so damaged by the fibrosis, my body would have a very hard time dealing with the even further reduction in lung function brought on by the pneumonia.

Post transplant, with the compromised immune system that comes with the anti-rejection meds, a flu is just as scary.

Along with the precautions I mentioned in the post "Infection and IPF", a flu shot is an important tool in keeping as healthy as possible.

My Team recommends the quadrivalent flu vaccine for my Sweetie and I.

Also, get your vaccine sooner than later.  It takes a couple weeks to reach full effectiveness so you want to insure you are protected before the flu starts spreading.

As important as a flu shot is for patients and caregivers, those who interact with us often should also be vaccinated.  Yes, it is that important.

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