Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Little Engine That... - #HAWMC Day 8

The 8th day of the Health Activists Writer Month Challenge, #HAWMC, The Little Engine That...

I've been thinking on this post pretty much all day, and still don't have a good list to put down. Should I put down health activist items, personal goals, or just what?  I guess I'll just start typing and see what happens.

I think I can...

  • ... beat the odds and live for at least 5 more years with these new lungs.
  • ... participate, and be competitive, in next April's Tactical Strength Challenge.
  • ... be able to do 10 pull ups by the TSC (I can't quite get one now).
  • ... avoid infection and stay healthy during this cold and flu season.
  • ... continue to follow new developments in the Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis world and share that information here.
I know I can...
  • ...live this life I've been given with purpose and honoring my Donor Family who gave me this chance.
  • ... continue to focus on improving my general health and fitness.
  • ... continue to become a better me, enjoying life and sharing moments with others.
Well, that's it.  Not quite as many line items as asked, but I do believe that these are quite enough.

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