Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bronchoscopy Results - 3/15/17

My Team got together this evening to go over my Bronch results. Have I mentioned that my Team is pretty awesome?

One of the doctors called and we have a solid plan.  On Tuesday we had decided to go ahead and schedule a hospital stay to undergo treatment to try and stop my lung decline.  After Tuesday's Bronch, they have decided to go forward with the Nissen Fundoplication first.  They agree that a feeding tube is not necessary (yeah)

Here are the results from the fluids obtained during the Bronch.

Now we are going to schedule the Nissen procedure as soon as we can. I'll probably go in on Friday or Monday.  If I continue to have issues after the procedure, then we'll proceed with the treatment.


  1. Awesome John. I had the NF done 2015. You got this

    1. Thanks Laura, I meet with the surgeon tomorrow morning and will be in the schedule as soon as we are finished with the consult. I'm going to ask about the LINX procedure, but so far as I can tell, it's not offered at UTSW.