Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Macros - 3/20/17

Monday Macros.

Weight = 150. Weight gain this period = 1 lb. Total weight loss = 102 lbs. Macros for the week = Carb/Fat/Prot - 13/64/23%. Daily avg cals = 1.849. Body Fat = 12.7%

It seems that chocolate exasperates reflux, so I've laid off my nightly bite of dark chocolate. It took me a few days to get over the habit of my after dinner square, but it does seem to make a difference.  I'm kinda sorta following a GERD/Primal diet right now. Only real change is dropping bacon, sausage and chocolate.  I've also cut back on onions and other vegetables that 'they' recommend not consuming. My total sugars averaged 16 gr/day this week. I'm very happy with that. Carbs were 61 gr/day. They would have been lower but I decided to add Sweet potato to my dinner this evening.

I haven't talked about exercise lately, pretty much because I've laid off of my kettlebells until we get the issues with my declining lung function lined out.

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