Thursday, March 23, 2017

Upper GI (Endoscopy) Results - 3/23/17

Went into my 'home away from home' for the Upper GI yesterday afternoon. The endoscopy team was running a little late as they had an emergency issue earlier in the day that put the scheduled appoints behind. Very understandable in a hospital setting. As I told the doctor performing the procedure when she was apologizing "I've been the reason for delays, so can't really complain". Turns out the doctor that did my procedure was one of the liver transplant docs. That's kinda cool.

First, an Upper GI is easier than a bronchoscopy, probably on par with a colonoscopy (not counting the whole colonoscopy prep part, really dislike the prep).

When we were in the room getting ready for the procedure, and the nurse was applying all of the electrodes, she noticed how light my transplant scar is. Next thing I know everyone is around me looking at my scar.  They were all really surprised at how light it is.  I get that a lot, especially when I'm up on the 10th floor.  I credit bone broth.  One of the things I do to counter the affect my meds have on my skin, bones. muscle, and digestive system is drink homemade bone broth almost daily. Seems to at least be helping my skin.

Rolled over on my side, put the mouthpiece in, they started the anesthetic, and then I woke in recovery. I came out of the Propofol quickly and easily.

The Doc came in and we talked about her findings and she commented on her surprise that my stomach was as large as it was. She said I had a large stomach for such a lean guy. When I told her that I had lost 140 lbs from my heaviest she said "...that explains it".
The Z-line was regular and was found 40 cm from the incisors.
The esophagus was normal.
A few less than 5 mm sessile polyps with no bleeding and no stigmata of recent bleeding were found in the gastric fundus.
Mildly erythematous mucosa without bleeding was found in the gastric antrum.
Biopsies were taken with a cold forceps for histology.
Mildly erythematous mucosa without active bleeding and with no stigmata of bleeding was found in the duodenal bulb.
Estimated Blood Loss: Estimated blood loss was minimal.

- Z-line regular, 40 cm from the incisors.
- Normal esophagus.
- A few gastric polyps. Fundic gland polyps associated with proton pump inhibitor use.
- Erythematous mucosa in the antrum. Biopsied.
- Erythematous duodenopathy.  
- Await pathology results. Treat if H pylori positive.
- Continue present medications (PPI daily).
- Return to referring physician as previously scheduled.
Biopsy results:
Stomach, biopsy:
-No significant abnormality
It looks like we can go ahead and schedule the Nissen Fundoplication  surgery, Want to bet it's next Wednesday? I have something tentatively planned for Wednesday so  that'll be the day I'm sure.


  1. Hi, John! Found your blog from twitter. So this procedure is because you're experiencing reflux, right - this isn't related to your lung transplant?
    Great to find you here!
    Andi (FunCity Stuff)

    1. Hi Andi, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for @DFWStuff. I always find something cool in your feed :)

      My transplant medications have caused the reflux and the reflux is causing issues with my new lungs. So we are addressing the reflux and if I still have issues we'll then be able to address those.

  2. At first, I really pray a good health for you, John. I just want to add that Upper GI Endoscopy procedure helps the doctors to easily diagnose various diseases and problems of GI tract.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Dr. Dasani, and thank you for your well wishes. They are appreciated.

    2. Most welcome. Thanks for replying me.