Thursday, March 2, 2017

Supporting a New Platform That Helps Children Self-Manage Their T1 Diabetes

When I was at the Stanford MedicineX IDEO Design Challenge, my design teammate and new friend Navita, recorded our lunchtime conversation about IPF and lung transplant.

I'm sharing this video again to illustrate why Navita is special to me, and to help promote her latest endeavor.

Navita has founded KiDi SMS, a technology company that helps children with Type 1 Diabetes manage their disease. In her own words:
I believe health care is a fundamental human right and that no one life is more valuable than another. This foundational belief of mine was my motivation for founding KiDiSMS (Kids with Diabetes Self-Management System) which uses gamification to incentivize the self-management of blood glucose among children with type 1 diabetes. I am constantly working on ways to strengthen the intersection between technology and medicine.
We have the opportunity to help Navita obtain funding and exposure for her young company.  InnovatorsRace50 is giving small Startups the opportunity to share their products and ideas on a global stage.
...young businesses have the chance to live the future now; access expert insights and applied innovation required to build and sustain a successful global business.
We can easily help Navita and KiDi SMS gain exposure for their platform that has been clinically proven to help children with Type 1 Diabetes self-manage their care.  All we have to do is go and vote on the InnovatorsRace50 website.

After you vote, share this with your networks and friends.

Helping is easy, worthwhile, and I would really appreciate your support.


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