Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Macros - 4/10/17

Monday Macros.

Weight = 148. Weight loss this period = 1 lb. Total weight loss = 103 lbs. Macros for the week = Carb/Fat/Prot - 13/60/27%. Daily avg cals = 2,096. Body Fat = 10.8%

I've been tinkering around with a Sweet Potato Waffle recipe and think I've finally hit upon the what works for me.

1 cup of leftover Sweet Potato (≈133 gr)
2 eggs
2 Tbsp coconut oil
salt and your favorite sweet potato seasoning.  Allspice would be nice. I use a Moroccan style rub that tastes great with sweet potatoes.  

Whip the egg until frothy. Smash in the sweet potato then add spices/seasoning, oil, and whip with a fork. Plop half into a waffle iron and ta da, two waffles. 

I just add butter.  Berries would be a nice addition if you wanted a little sweet.

A little carb heavy but not bad for an occasional meal when you're Jonesing for something different.  Carbs = 29 gr, fat = 42 gr, protein = 14 gr. when served with butter.

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