Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nissen Fundoplication Update

It's been over a week since my procedure, probably time to post an update.

The procedure itself did go well.  The wrap worked and my stomach contents are staying in my stomach where they belong.  I have six new holes in my belly, that makes a total of 13 holes that have been punched in me for drains, robots and tools. Add my transplant scar and I'd make an interesting conversation on an NCIS autopsy table.

The only really surprising thing about the procedure is the amount of pain I experienced afterwards. I mean seriously intense, made me whimper, zero sleep for over 48 hours, pain. I took awhile to get a working pain management program in place. I ended up using Norco, every 6 hours as needed with a note to nurses to provide as needed (I had one who would drag her feet on the pain meds, you know, #opiodcrisis), Tramadol every 4 hours scheduled, and Demoral every 4 hours as needed. The Demoral was necessary for me to be able to take my meds.

The cause of the pain was a lot of air in my abdominal cavity and my diaphragm was spasming.

I was discharged when we got the pain under control and I was sent home with T3 and Tramadol. I was able to taper off the meds by Sunday and am now in normal recovery mode.

I am on a full liquid diet which I have found difficult to do without using sugars and carbs.  I'm usually not sensitive to milk products, but when they make up pretty much most of my diet my system is rebelling.

So today I've started adding Cream of Rice breakfast cereal made with chicken stock and butter. Now who knew that Cream of Rice was a liquid?  I've also started tempering a couple of eggs in a cup of stock for breakfast. Yes, I am being careful to ensure the creamy egg soup gets hot enough to kill off any bacteria.

My goal with food right now is to get in enough cals/protein to stop losing weight until I can start the Soft Nissen Diet.

My Sweetie, granddaughter, and I went for a walk around the block yesterday.  I barely made it. My deconditioning over the past several months  is taking it's toll.  Good news is that this is something that I can reverse as I heal.

I get a couple weeks off from doing my twice daily pulmonary function testing due to the surgery. It will be interesting to see where I am at once I start them again.  I know there won't be any improvement, but not sure what to expect as to decline.

I visit with both the surgical and transplant teams on the 25th, more answers then.

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  1. Glad everything went well, minus the post surgery discomfort. Hopefully, your Spirio isn't compermised too much (surgery and inactivity). Get well soon bud, you're a fighter.

    1. Congratulations on coming up on 3 years

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    1. Ok, this is a first. Spam for autopsy tables. That is so off that I have to keep this comment.