Monday, May 30, 2016

Making Ghee

Ghee is basically clarified butter.  While making Ghee, the milk solids, proteins and water are removed and all that is left is left is toasty, buttery deliciousness.

Ghee works very well for high temperature cooking and adds an interesting flavor to many dishes.

Ghee is also pretty expensive to purchase, but easy enough to make yourself with only one ingredient. Butter.

Most of the time Ghee is made on the stove top in less than half an hour.  I found a recipe for Ghee in Americas Test Kitchen's Paleo Perfected that utilizes the oven.  I like America's Test Kitchen and have learned a lot over the years form their books and magazine.  So I decided what the heck, let's make Ghee in the oven.

Turns out this is a very easy, can't hardly mess it up, recipe for Ghee.


1 lb of unsalted butter. The better the quality, the better the Ghee you will end up with.


Heat oven to 250°F

Put butter in oven safe dish, a small casserole dish works well.

Place in oven and cook for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours.

All the water should be boiled out, the Ghee should be golden, and the milk solids nice and brown. .  I cooked mine for 3 hours, a little longer would not have hurt it at all.

Strain the finished Ghee though a wire strainer and a triple layer of cheese cloth.

Here is the finished Ghee

It takes longer using this method, but it really is fool proof.  I was able to get in a workout and do some yard work while this was in the oven.

Quality Ghee for less than half the price of store bought. Can't beat that at all.  I used a bit of this batch to sear off our Carne Asada this evening.

I see a batch made with Turmeric Root and peppercorns in my future.

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