Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Turkish Get Up No. 1000

I performed my 1000th Turkish Get Up today.  #1000 was my 5th Get Up of the set and from my left side.  I was lifting a 20 kg kettlebell.

I'm really sorry about the poor lighting.  I was going to do this outside, but we've been having a lot of rain these past few days so the living room it is.

Here is a vid of the movement if you are interested in watching the entire rep:

This looks much better than the last Get Up that my Sweetie filmed for me.  I see a small issue or two with my down arm, but the rest of the movement looks very solid.

The goal of the Simple & Sinister program is to be able to complete 10 Get Ups with a 32 kg kettlebell in 10 minutes after completing 100 one-hand swings with that same KB.

I'm getting there.

This is 1000 get ups that would not have been possible without the wonderful gift of new lungs offered to me by my donor family.  I'm working hard to make my body the best host for these new lungs.

Pavel does an awesome job of teaching the Get Up, the KB Swing, and other KB movements in his book Simple & Sinister.  This book has been invaluable in helping me safely learn to use kettlebells.  My StrongFirst certified kettlebell instructor, Kris Moulton, has done a wonderful job of helping me progress with my 'bells.


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